Posted by: mdprincing | December 23, 2010

Old School service and selection with a smile

This could of easily been titled “searching for the elusive Carhartt” but what I discovered was so much more.  Yes I was looking for an item from Carhartt, and found it harder than originally thought.

You all recognize Carhartt’s clothing when you see it.  The brown duct(now in other colors as well) that has protected American workers from the elements for decades is easy to recognize.  The name has long been link to quality and longevity, I have a pair of bibs that still function quite well after 17 years, and American made.  Some of their items have been farmed out to Mexico for production but the main stays of the line up are still Made in the USA.

I was looking for a pair of coveralls.  Pretty easy to find, except I wanted the arctic lined(black lined) for a Florida boy who is living in northern mid Michigan.  No one seemed carry these.  In the old days we would have just gone to Bay City and found them at Mill End, unfortunately they are no longer in business.  So I trudged to the big stores and farm stores and found some items but not what I was looking for.  Until a friend of my wife’s offered a suggestion.

The suggestion took me back almost 20 years.  Ed Rehmann & Sons( in downtown Chesaning, MI.  They have been there since 1919.  When I was fresh out of college and in the advertising business, they were a client of mine.  So I loaded up the truck and headed for Chesaning.

The town looked the same, it is a pretty town with a whole bunch of small locally owned businesses.  The old school hardware where you can find nails by the pound, Shultz’s Pharmacy where Sarah’s Attic was created and Giesken’s Cabinetry and Floorcovering where my friend Phil Giesken carries on the tradition of excellence and quality.

As I walked into Rehmann’s I was amazed.  I could not believe the selection of Carhartt’s and other fine clothing including men’s and women’s dress clothes.  I was greeted by the  man I met almost two decades earlier, Ric Rehmann.  Ric offered me tremendous service and a very good price.  He offered a quick and easy return or swap if the sizing was off, it was and he was true to his word.  I believe I walked in to exchange and walked out within five minutes with the new garment.  Fast, friendly, courteous and a heck of a value.  Wal-mart can’t touch this.

Rediscover Chesaning and its merchants.  Step back to the way it should be.  Local merchants supporting local causes and  local families.  Rediscover Michigan.


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